Debra and April are Master Teachers. Fifty years of combined experience Coaching and Teaching Manners, Etiquette, Leadership and Character make for a depth of knowledge in the field of  Social Intelligence.


Debra Lassiter

Debra is the Business Executive and the creator of Perfectly Polished.  She establishes the expectation and exemplifies these standards everyday.  Debra sets the bar high for those she coaches and expects in return the standards are never deviated from. There are no exceptions. With a smile on her face and love in her heart she will never compromise on her level of success. She truly believes that everyone is capable of living a life well “polished.” Thirty five years of interacting with society makes her the Social Rule Enforcer.


April McLean

April is the Creative Manager.  She is always looking for new and innovative ways to communicate etiquette and manners. April, unlike Debra, who grew up in the city of Athens, GA., grew up in a very small rural town of Millen, GA. She brings a twist of Deep South antics to somewhat dry and boring subjects. While Debra holds tight to Etiquette Expectations, April tends to find the realistic and believable approaches to life’s circumstances.  Married with two grown boys, April knows that sometimes there just has to be compromise.

Through humor, laughter, and engaging communication these two Etiquette Gurus change the lives of all they encounter, every minute of everyday.  The two together, sometimes referred to as as Pixie Dust and on other days Thelma and Louise travel the East Coast making this world a better place to live.

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